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  • The back side windshield double-curve tempering furnace
  • The Truck and coach bus front windshield glass tempering furnace
  • Automobile rear windshield tempering furnace
  • Flat bending furnace for building glass
  • Automatic turning, cutting and stacking machine for household appliance glass
  • Bilateral grinding machine
  • Automobile side window glass tempering furnace
  • Hot embossing

Jiangmen City TongHe Mechanical Industrial Co.,LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the study of glass tempering and bending technology and equipment, development, production.

Glass deep-processing equipment dedicated to the development and promotion of new work, the development and production equipment are: Automotive windshield tempered rear glass furnace equipment, Automotive and bus door single curved glass and tempered furnace equipment, cookware tempered glass lid furnace equipment.

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