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    Jiangmen TongHe and Industries Limited is a professional engaged in glass temperring and bending technology and equipment research, development, production of high-tech companies, is committed to the glass deep-processing equipment development and promotion of new work, and according to customer requirements, develop various sectors of non-standard automatic production line equipment.
    The company was formerly Jiangmen pass and Electromechanical Automation Co., Ltd., established in 2008, the development and production of equipment are:
    1. Automotive back/rear tempered glass machine
    2. Truck front windshield Part-tempered glass furnace
    3. cookware lid glass tempered furnace, furniture shaped glass tempered furnace
    4. Autocar left or right door tempered glass furnace
    5. Car door single curved tempered glass equipment
    6. curtain wall glass, lighting glass level, single curved steel furnace
    7. Automatic turning pieces of glass, cutting, breaking off pieces, stacking machine
    8. Lighting hot melt embossed glass furnace

    Tel: +86-750-3570893
    Fax: +86-750-3570893
    E-mail: dongfajun163@163.com , dongfajun@vip.163.com
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